Monday, August 5, 2013

Came for Freebie, Found a Great Designer - !Soul

I went to !Soul for this harem pants and top which is a gift for joining (L5).

Then I saw this great gown for only L60! and it comes with a short skirt version :) It is nicely detailed and textured. When I looked around, I saw that all the items in the store were L60. I had a !Soul mini dress found in the Starfish Hunt (a couple of months ago) and really liked it. I should have visited sooner. I find L60 very reasonable, as usually the designer/seller is texturing premade mesh forms. If you take a look on the Market Place you'll find tons of full-perm mesh clothing, and if you have a little time and some very basic PS skills you can be a designer, too. At this price point, like the weekly sales at a variety of stores, I'm a buyer.

dress/gown - !Soul
shoes - Gos at Love Donna Flora 
Hair - D!va - Sayaka2
Jewelery - me - some available on the MP