Saturday, May 11, 2013

Miss Atomic Bomb

naahhhh, just the song playing now:)

Playing with windlight and shadows, I think I have the first rays through the window effect, as the greyness slips back towards the night.

I am loving this leather mini skirt, part of an outfit from Sakide comes with a fishnet top, loose tank, appliers (not worn). The tank is the new group gift from CoCo, finely done as everything always is from Cocoro Lemon.

I really like these sandals from Thenameless Modan and xSatx who are listed as the creators of these FULL PERM 55L !!!! "Sathandra" beaded sandals available at Fi*Fridays :)) I still have some tweaking to do judging by this pick.

other credits: hair - Truth, skin - Curio

Monday, May 6, 2013

Haiku My SL

When I left my other blogs before joining SL almost six years ago, I once lamented, "I have no time for all this digital verbose dialog, I will learn the Haiku of email and other concise, exact responses."

and then... SL happened,  demanding time to learn new skills.

So full circle :)

My SL Haiku:

With colors I dream
Time spews beautiful fractals
More complicated.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sail Away... Take Me Away On Lofting Sheets

Sheets... as in sails...  Ever wonder where the term, "Three sheets to the wind" ever came from... another time...

I have been testing out sailboats. Something I tried years ago in SL, but have been giving it another serious look recently.

This demo sailboat from MLCC Oceanic, from the Market Place, is capturing my attention. I wish they had a inworld store. But I could rez the demo in front of my dock. (edited to fit:)) I probably should join a sailing group and learn the ropes.

It looks great in front of my home:)))

credits on what I'm wearing:
flip flops : at Island Style by Nickki Romano Designs (10L for limited time on the fat pack)
white leather mini and mesh tank: Sakide - 60L weekend deal
bra: Sexy Things (freebie)
hair:Exile - Beyond the Waves, modded with flexies added
skin: Curio - Summer Lake

Listening to: