Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Saved Outfits from Late Summer/Early Fall 2015 - Organizing Folders

This is a way for me to go cheap with taking pics of my saved outfits and not uploading into SL. This is meant as a catalog for my use. If you happen to take a look and have a question, please send me a message or note card in world: )

9/27 Dirty Carnie Costume for Carnival of Mirros

8/10 Opal Gown + color change sandles

8/29 Yoga pants w/HUD

8/30 lacy steam punk dress

8/30 tank top and shorts, both color change HUD

9/8 halter culotte dress

10/4 beige jeans sweater both w/HUDs

10/4 CoCo Halloween gift, props in file

10/12 Maxi dress other patterns HUD

10/15 sweater dress, belt white base tintable

10/16 plaid jacket from 2014 TDTH peep toe bottoes w/HUD

10/17 satin pants and top both w/HUD, sandels grey or brown HUD

10/20 old freebie Halloween Tutu w/ lace up boots w/HUD

10/20 Ranger for TuTu Tuesday, gasmask and goggles 

10/20 Tunic top w/HUD and dress pants

10/26 Bronze Goddess - Halloween 2015

11/8 dress w/ knit sleeves

11/8 pink cammi dress TDTH

11/8 plaid skirt and cardigan TDTH

11/8 sweater and skirt TDTH

 11/8 layered eye make-up: Glamorize - golden, elymode smudges teal lower eyeliner, and Blacklace softwing eyeliner. Mayfly mesh eyes. Maitreya lashes (old group gift), Curio - Sunburst cherry skin, LFauna and YS and YS extra freckles, ROD studio eyebrows. System body w/ Slink hands and feet.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Moment on Designing Worlds (Burn2 2015)

Yesterday, Designing Worlds aired the segment Saffia and Elrik filmed during the Burn2 event a couple of weeks ago. My segment appears around 32:00 at this link here. I wish I wasn't so nervous:)

What was very cool was that there were many, many Burners at the screening of the film.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Costume Time

I needed a costume yesterday for an event and pulled this together with a couple of buys from 60 Linden Weekends and things I found in my inventory. I think it may be my staple this week for Halloween:)

 My so loved Curio Skin. (yes a die-hard) with added freckles, eye shadow, eye liner and lip gloss.

This year I'm going for the dark goddess look. The corset and skirt is by Lokii Violet at Arcadia. (tinted) (60L Weekend find). The boots - Adrianna by Pure Poison.

Crown of the Tuatha-De by Juno Mantel, I think a gift from SLB 2015. (tinted)

Photographed at: Apple Fall
Hair: from LeLutka - Dakota
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Autora - former freebie
Lip Gloss: Pink Acid
Eyeliner: Blacklace Beauty
Freckles: L.Fauna
Lashes: Maitreya
Hands: Slink
Jewelry: me

Temple Burn 2015

Once again it was a spirit filled event in Second Life. I wish everyone could feel the vibe that occurs at Burn2 both for the burning of The Man as well as the Temple. I'm struck how much this picture reminds me of the Tarot Card - "The Fool", dancing at the edge:)

As Lamplighter, Fire Dancer, and Fool. My build is in the background.

As Ranger at the last Burn of the Temple.

Lamplighter Fire Dancers:)))

Waiting to go into the Temple.

The Temple before the fire, as the Censor reads the wishes and hopes of the Burners.

The view down the chimes.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Burn2 2015 Carnival of Mirrors

Careful to not reveal too much... the Burn2 happens next weekend. Here is my build, The Illusion House - Maya.

From my notecard:

Please take a moment and check my reference to see why my build represents my ideas and perceptions on this year's theme, "Carnival of Mirrors".

Listen to: The Mandela: while you look around.

May you enjoy Burn2 and live the 10 Principles each day:)

( )

Pixels or atoms what is real and what is an illusion? My build attempts to depict this eon-old human struggle of desire and happiness. Those of you familiar with Eastern Philosophy, and particularly Buddhism, I hope you enjoy my interpretations. Those of you new to this philosophy, please take some time to contemplate what I have placed here and reach out to learn more.

The use of the mirror in my build is used to symbolize the ego (or whatever you want to call that aspect of the self). Images of the ego's "desires"; love, family, intellect, food, travel, sex, wealth, and yes, Burning Man represent my desires. Images both from RL and SL are intentional and represent how these two worlds come together in one's mind.  The blank mirror - Your Desire?

Although many Buddhist ideas and symbols are embedded in my build, they are universal to most all philosophical belief systems; that true happiness, enlightenment, or heaven, are not built on Earthly desires.

"Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are; it solely relies on what you think." - Buddha.

One of my gifts this year.

The view of The Man from my front porch:) The temple is to the left:)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fun Times on the Playa at Burn2

Many of us attending the races and dance party yesterday truly wish we were at the real deal. Burning Man is happening this week in Blackrock, Nevada. We love Burning Man and the 10 Principles . The next best thing is to be a part of our community, here, in Second Life. We will burn The Man this October 17-25th on the Burn2 Sims.

The virtual Playa is open year round with several events and celebrations to get your "burn on". Yesterday, the Burn2 sim hosted "Crazy 8" races, fireworks and a party. The pics below were from the party where the light show continued.

Shades of more fun to come. You, too, can participate! Plot sales are going on right now, with special incentives for buying yours before September 8th.
If you are an artist builder, we have some large free plots devoted to art builds. Please apply here.

The gifting has begun:)

Here is my first gift for the 2015 Carnival of Mirrors:

Look for the gift box in the Welcome Home Area (SLURL) of Burn2.

Costume Credits:

And look what I found at The Wash!  I'm wearing "Dirty Carnie" shorts and boots from The Rebakery for The Radio Grind, a non-profit, independent artist community in Second Life. It just may become my favorite costume for the Playa:) and I coordinate with the main tent in Deep Hole!

The Kailini Bikini top is from Rebel Wear available on the Market Place for 1L. It comes with a HUD for 14 color changes and 8 patterns, an awesome deal.

My hair is the latest group gift from D!VA.

My sunglasses are available from Tiffany Designs at The Wash  for 5L, they come with several color options, but are fully modifiable. (my fav:))))

The Burning Man Tattoo is a former gift from P1an0man, if you see him on the Playa, I'm sure he will lay one on you:)