Saturday, March 28, 2015

Leo's Lair Spring of 2015

 New windlight and water settings at my home:)

 Looks soooooooo Monet.

More sunset with the ones below.

And spring has come to my mountain meadow:)))

oops snow is still on the roof.

some new homegoods... chair w/ ottoman, color changed some things.

Burnal Equinox Celebration NOW!!!

Some pics below taken prior to the opening. Here's a calander of events for the rest of the weekend. Please be familiar with the 10 Principles of Burning Man. The Burnal Equinox is a celebration of spring and new beginnings, the celebration of balance and creation to come. Please join us for art, music, and FUN!!! (landmark)

Here's a link for the artists' description of their builds.

Burnal Equinox Gift available in group or on the MarketPlace.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

LOTD Saturday Bargain Shopping

I went to The Wash Cart Sale this morning, there's always good bargains there.

I love mesh products that include color change HUDS. These shoes from *PD* Precious Designs are great and I'm in a mood to get out of boots and enjoy the warmer weather. HUD has 6 subtle colors.

I always look forward to 60 Linden Weekends. This double tank top in "Sea" green has a HUD to change the under layer shirt for 25 different colors/textures. It's from Wicked.

Also, from the WASH is this inner tube with a menu for 18 male and 18 female poses. Made by X-clusive designs. This one is all rated "G":) At the Wash, it's only $10L. I think I'll go back and get another for my pool.

Other items from inventory:
Skin - Curio
Hair -[e] Jana [elikatera]
eye makeup - .:Glamorize:. forever night
jeans - [[>Cake!<]] skinny jeans
Slink hands and feet

Monday, February 2, 2015

Second Life Motivational Meme (from Strawberry Singh)

I love this Berry! It's been awhile since I responded to one of your memes, this one made me smile.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Cozy Place

I don't know what it is, but there is something about my teahouse in the snow. The old building doesn't have a roof that completely encloses, the sides remain open. Originally designed by Syn, it was meant to be a garden structure, a place to meditate and sip tea. It slowly evolved to have a bed and seating around the fireplace. When I have winter in my mountain meadow, it's my favorite place. It is warm, warm with memories, too. Yesterday, I bought the tree with posing circular bench. It's perfect, although green, it looks like a tree that got its leaves early, and now another snowfall comes. Perhaps because I live where a cold spell may be in the 40'sF at night, I treasure wearing sweaters and boots and sitting by the fire with a pot of hot tea here.

No links, just preserving my memories.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Je Suis Charlie T-Shirt

This freebie mesh T-shirt is available from Addict Algoma on the Marketplace. Show your support of the French, of freedom of speech, and the right to express ideas through satire that are not always popular.

The t-shirt comes with the grey long sleeve undershirt. Very well done! Thank you Addict Algoma.

other credits:

skin: Curio - sunburst - cherry-makeup - blinde

hair: Eater's Coma - hair 59 - sandy blonde

jewelry - me

Friday, December 26, 2014

Baby Monkey Winter Solstice Hunt

There are so many freebies and gifts this season. Here is one I especially like from Baby Monkey. There's a mesh sweater, dress, and leggings, with an optional systems layer for the leggings. I wear this with my favorite boots (not free) of the season, Anais, (w/color/fabric change hud) also from Baby Monkey.

sweater, leggings and boots: Baby Monkey
hair: Truth - Rogue
skin: Christmas gift 2014 from Curio
Slink hands and feet

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Miles of Smiles for the New Curio Gift Skin

I was so pleased to see that Gala was still creating. Curio skins are my favorites, they fit my shape the best. For those of us that have our own unique shapes, we know that skins play on different shapes, differently. I am wearing the group gift, Sunburst-Angelica-Happy Holidays-Blonde, with L.Fauna Extra freckles.

Thank-you, Curio skins.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snow Has Come to the Mountain Meadow

It has been  long time since a blog post. It is a very busy season. I spent some time today putting snow in my mountain meadow. Things hide in the inventory.

This first pic is my favorite freebie find of the hunts so far.
This well-done Rudolph jacket is by Belladonna Couture and is a hunt find from earlier in the month.

Some pics of snow:) playing with windlight settings.