Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Cozy Place

I don't know what it is, but there is something about my teahouse in the snow. The old building doesn't have a roof that completely encloses, the sides remain open. Originally designed by Syn, it was meant to be a garden structure, a place to meditate and sip tea. It slowly evolved to have a bed and seating around the fireplace. When I have winter in my mountain meadow, it's my favorite place. It is warm, warm with memories, too. Yesterday, I bought the tree with posing circular bench. It's perfect, although green, it looks like a tree that got its leaves early, and now another snowfall comes. Perhaps because I live where a cold spell may be in the 40'sF at night, I treasure wearing sweaters and boots and sitting by the fire with a pot of hot tea here.

No links, just preserving my memories.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Je Suis Charlie T-Shirt

This freebie mesh T-shirt is available from Addict Algoma on the Marketplace. Show your support of the French, of freedom of speech, and the right to express ideas through satire that are not always popular.

The t-shirt comes with the grey long sleeve undershirt. Very well done! Thank you Addict Algoma.

other credits:

skin: Curio - sunburst - cherry-makeup - blinde

hair: Eater's Coma - hair 59 - sandy blonde

jewelry - me

Friday, December 26, 2014

Baby Monkey Winter Solstice Hunt

There are so many freebies and gifts this season. Here is one I especially like from Baby Monkey. There's a mesh sweater, dress, and leggings, with an optional systems layer for the leggings. I wear this with my favorite boots (not free) of the season, Anais, (w/color/fabric change hud) also from Baby Monkey.

sweater, leggings and boots: Baby Monkey
hair: Truth - Rogue
skin: Christmas gift 2014 from Curio
Slink hands and feet

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Miles of Smiles for the New Curio Gift Skin

I was so pleased to see that Gala was still creating. Curio skins are my favorites, they fit my shape the best. For those of us that have our own unique shapes, we know that skins play on different shapes, differently. I am wearing the group gift, Sunburst-Angelica-Happy Holidays-Blonde, with L.Fauna Extra freckles.

Thank-you, Curio skins.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snow Has Come to the Mountain Meadow

It has been  long time since a blog post. It is a very busy season. I spent some time today putting snow in my mountain meadow. Things hide in the inventory.

This first pic is my favorite freebie find of the hunts so far.
This well-done Rudolph jacket is by Belladonna Couture and is a hunt find from earlier in the month.

Some pics of snow:) playing with windlight settings.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Inspiration, Going Back to the First AHA!

This is always in my heart when I build. I soar on the wings of others who inspire me like this Starry Night when I first Watched the World:) I am grateful for YouTube to preserve my memories:)

Saturday Morning Freebie Shopping

There are tons of gifts at True Fashion Times - The Event . I got this "Snow Belted Mini Skirt" at &Y (main store). This well done, great black leather jacket is from LavaRock Creations. The glittery scarf if from GraffitiWear and has color change.

Hair is from Damesfly in the Dirty Turkey Hunt.

Lace booties (really awesome!) are a group gift from Hilly Haalan. It seemed that almost everyone out this morning hunting freebies was wearing them! LOL

From Inventory :
Skin : Curio : Sunburst Cherry w/ extra freckles from L.Fauna.
Eyelashes : Maitreya
Lipgloss : Pink Acid
Tank : Belote
Earrings : me

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Skin Burn 2014, Here's the Next Chance......

The Next Skin Burn is at 8PM SLT check-in here. Be there AT LEAST by 7:30.

Sorry everyone for the stilted communications. My wireless keyboard is dying. No, it's not the batteries :(.

From the noon burn...

I will post more after I get a new keyboard tomorrow.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Skin Burn This Weekend - A Tradition of the Burn2

This Saturday!

If you could not attend the Man Burn during the BURN2 Caravansary event in October, there will be two more opportunities to see a reprise of this year's spectacular Burn  You are invited to participate with us. No one is a bystander! You will be invited to dance, interact, BE a part of the experience. The playa will be closed to the public, with attendees given passage onto the playa for the Burn through a check­-in process. The BURN2 SKIN BURN check-­in area location will be given on the front page of the BURN2 website, and inworld through group notices in the Burningman 2.0 group. This is an open group ­ join it to stay current with all of BURN2’s events throughout the year.

Check-­in will be open and closed at the following times:
For the 12:00 PM SLT Burn: Open 9:00 AM SLT, closed 11:30 AM SLT
For the 8:00 PM SLT Burn: Open 5:00 PM SLT, closed 7:30 PM SLT.

Want more information? Check out these resources:
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
Regional Page:­life/

Contact people:
Steering Committee:
BURNING MAN Regional Contact:

The following are pictures from the 2010 SkinBurn, when we measured "render weight" by "ARC". You can see that everyone was able to bring their Ava renders down to 1! It was awesome to see:)))

CYA there!