Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fun Times on the Playa at Burn2

Many of us attending the races and dance party yesterday truly wish we were at the real deal. Burning Man is happening this week in Blackrock, Nevada. We love Burning Man and the 10 Principles . The next best thing is to be a part of our community, here, in Second Life. We will burn The Man this October 17-25th on the Burn2 Sims.

The virtual Playa is open year round with several events and celebrations to get your "burn on". Yesterday, the Burn2 sim hosted "Crazy 8" races, fireworks and a party. The pics below were from the party where the light show continued.

Shades of more fun to come. You, too, can participate! Plot sales are going on right now, with special incentives for buying yours before September 8th.
If you are an artist builder, we have some large free plots devoted to art builds. Please apply here.

The gifting has begun:)

Here is my first gift for the 2015 Carnival of Mirrors:

Look for the gift box in the Welcome Home Area (SLURL) of Burn2.

Costume Credits:

And look what I found at The Wash!  I'm wearing "Dirty Carnie" shorts and boots from The Rebakery for The Radio Grind, a non-profit, independent artist community in Second Life. It just may become my favorite costume for the Playa:) and I coordinate with the main tent in Deep Hole!

The Kailini Bikini top is from Rebel Wear available on the Market Place for 1L. It comes with a HUD for 14 color changes and 8 patterns, an awesome deal.

My hair is the latest group gift from D!VA.

My sunglasses are available from Tiffany Designs at The Wash  for 5L, they come with several color options, but are fully modifiable. (my fav:))))

The Burning Man Tattoo is a former gift from P1an0man, if you see him on the Playa, I'm sure he will lay one on you:)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer of 2015 Saved Outfits

...another way I am organizing my clothes. The dated folders are with the pic.












Saturday, July 11, 2015

Burn2's Primordial Conception Event - NOW!!

This weekend the virtual Playa, home of Second Life's Regional Burning Man, is hosting the Conception Event. It's a weekend of music, art, fire, and fun. All the details are here at . slurl

Music and dance at one of the stages:))

And here are pictures of my build, Cave Art on the Playa:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Flat Draxtor Meme

From Strawberry's blog.

I added to Strawberry's Flickr Group. This whole thing is rather hilarious, especially as I have been finding my favorite place to chat with friends in SL is to sit around the table at my dock. The pose of choice is the tablet reading one for everyone that sits with me.  I often shake my head at restaurants when I see people spending their entire time paging through their devices. But for SL is seems the appropriate animation...LOL.

This picture poses a very philosophical question. What does that say about our virtual lives?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Flickr Link and Pics from the DJ Stage on the Last Night

Here's the Flickr Link to Group SL12B.

missing a few:((

I have a pic right in front of me on my SL desk:)))) Happy memories; GOH, WOH, IOH, JOH, NOH, ROH (DOH), and EOH, next year???

Sunday, June 21, 2015

SL12B Sneak Peek at the DJ Stage

SL12B Opend TODAY! @12 non SLT!
...and don't forget there is the SL12Big Hunt.

You will have to come and make your own interpretation of what happened on this alien landscape. But, for sure, a party will be happening soon!

ALL information and land marks are here.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

What Dreams May Come

Just a quick of the pics from the opening of SL12B for the press.

All the information you need about the biggest event in SL is here. I must run and do things in RL, but I will be back with more.

Sneak Peak SL12B Opens Sunday 12 Noon SLT

Sneak Peak SL12B ... as the days count down.....

The sims will be open to the press at noon today, more pictures to come. Although I have had access to the builds I will not publish anything until officially it opens to the press. All the information can be found here - music schedules, links, destination guides, landmarks,and more.  Bookmark it at the top of your list, you will use it many times in the coming weeks. Oh, and if you didn't know it will have one of the biggest hunts ever! SL12Big Hunt

Here I am with my staff shirt on, checking messages at breakfast in SL. I will wear many volunteer hats this year; Co-Lead for the DJ stage, Moderator, Greeter and Hostess, Press, and Dreamer, as one title puts it. So far, it has been great experience meeting so many new people from all over the world. It truly is a community celebration, it seems almost everyone is pitching in to make this the biggest and best birthday celebration ever!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SL12B Party Ahead!


What dreams may come...

Golan Eilde and I are the co-leads for the DJ stage on the Astonish sim at the SL12B event, which opens this coming Sunday. Here we are posing for pictures:) THE DJ stage has DJs booked 24/7 for the event. We've booked a variety of genre for your dancing pleasure, so come on by! I can't show you the stage yet, but it is AWESOME - something out of a dream. Landmarks and more to come. 

For more information, visit the website for SL12B.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Foxy Ladies LOTD

Gosh, Damn...

Collabor88's first days... jammed with laggy avas. It put my new graphics card to the test:)))   But, I got in, and as I always do, turn left instead of right....

and there...................... Girly Delights!!!!

Foxy Lady!

Sing it, .....Jimmy, ......make that guitar moan and groan.... play it like a lady:)

Foxy Jacket and Bikini Top - Foxes - Summer Love @ Collaborat88
Shoes- Hucci - Upland Wedgies @ Collaborat88
Shorts - Kitja Mimi Shorts @ Collaborat88
Hair - Exile - Full of Grace - @ Collaborat8
hands and feet - Slink
skin: Glam Affair - Katya, Jamaica -5, several seasons ago