Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Saved Outfits from Late Summer/Early Fall 2015 - Organizing Folders

This is a way for me to go cheap with taking pics of my saved outfits and not uploading into SL. This is meant as a catalog for my use. If you happen to take a look and have a question, please send me a message or note card in world: )

9/27 Dirty Carnie Costume for Carnival of Mirros

8/10 Opal Gown + color change sandles

8/29 Yoga pants w/HUD

8/30 lacy steam punk dress

8/30 tank top and shorts, both color change HUD

9/8 halter culotte dress

10/4 beige jeans sweater both w/HUDs

10/4 CoCo Halloween gift, props in file

10/12 Maxi dress other patterns HUD

10/15 sweater dress, belt white base tintable

10/16 plaid jacket from 2014 TDTH peep toe bottoes w/HUD

10/17 satin pants and top both w/HUD, sandels grey or brown HUD

10/20 old freebie Halloween Tutu w/ lace up boots w/HUD

10/20 Ranger for TuTu Tuesday, gasmask and goggles 

10/20 Tunic top w/HUD and dress pants

10/26 Bronze Goddess - Halloween 2015

11/8 dress w/ knit sleeves

11/8 pink cammi dress TDTH

11/8 plaid skirt and cardigan TDTH

11/8 sweater and skirt TDTH

 11/8 layered eye make-up: Glamorize - golden, elymode smudges teal lower eyeliner, and Blacklace softwing eyeliner. Mayfly mesh eyes. Maitreya lashes (old group gift), Curio - Sunburst cherry skin, LFauna and YS and YS extra freckles, ROD studio eyebrows. System body w/ Slink hands and feet.