Saturday, May 16, 2015

LOTD 60L Summer Halter Dress

Here's a really nice summer dress from Look*Me in this week's 60L Weekends. None of the things I EVER blog about are given to me from designers. I love to shop and I love bargains. I mostly blog the fashion things I buy in order to have a catalogue of the stuff I like. I am thinking I need to do this more as my inventory continues to hover over 80K, despite purging periodically. Yes, I use folders and boxes, and descriptive labels with dates, but a picture is worth thousands of words.

This is my den/computer corner of my house:) My desk surrounds me with some of my most treasured photos and memorabilia. My cats perch here, as well. I love all that I created in my house and on my sim; glass stairs, lots of modern windows, views and sight-lines carefully planned and color! The house has been continuously evolving over the past 7 years. Like my RL home, I want clean modern lines, but with a homyness quality that does not require "shabby chic" textures and items. This is my island home in the sun:)

This is the "Gary Dress" from Look*Me , and here's a few of the textures from the HUD. I paired it with one of my favorite casual shoes, Lorna, from Baby Monkey, also with a HUD for a great color selection.

other credits:
hair - Analog Dog (AD) - Carmella
skin - Curio - (GP) Sundust Cherry
Slink -  hands and feet