Friday, December 26, 2014

Baby Monkey Winter Solstice Hunt

There are so many freebies and gifts this season. Here is one I especially like from Baby Monkey. There's a mesh sweater, dress, and leggings, with an optional systems layer for the leggings. I wear this with my favorite boots (not free) of the season, Anais, (w/color/fabric change hud) also from Baby Monkey.

sweater, leggings and boots: Baby Monkey
hair: Truth - Rogue
skin: Christmas gift 2014 from Curio
Slink hands and feet

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Miles of Smiles for the New Curio Gift Skin

I was so pleased to see that Gala was still creating. Curio skins are my favorites, they fit my shape the best. For those of us that have our own unique shapes, we know that skins play on different shapes, differently. I am wearing the group gift, Sunburst-Angelica-Happy Holidays-Blonde, with L.Fauna Extra freckles.

Thank-you, Curio skins.