Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Was Thinking About the Wisdom of the Leaves and Their Grace

Spent some time yesterday putting in autumn foliage in my mountain meadow. I live in Florida and miss the crisp and fire in the leaves. It's been close to 90 degrees this week, hardly sweater weather.

What I'm wearing:
sweater dress: ECRU - "Kerasia" with color changing HUD
boots: Color.Me..H.O.F - riding boots
hair: Truth - Enisa
leggings: Wunderland - Aztec Leggings
belt: CoCo
skin: Glam Affair - Amberly

4-Season Mesh Trees by Luna Bliss
Mesh Shrubs by Angelica Leiner
Gazebo and Forest Furniture by Lucie Scorbal

The Skin Burn 2013

Yesterday was the Skin Burn party held on the playa for all the Burners to get one last hoorah of the man for the year. Just about everyone showed up in only skin after passing through a gate where there was help with removing scripts and excessive prims.

We danced in the fire one last time for 2013.

I never saw these mechanical aliens in the man during the regular running of Burn2.