Saturday, April 20, 2013

It Really Is MORE than a Second Life Event; Fantasy Faire 2013

As Zander Green, one of the contributors of Fantasy Faire, so movingly tells us, "When you come into this world and realize that how you present yourself is entirely in your hands – you’re presenting the best idea of yourself - there is a liberation that occurs there."  It is so much of what I believe is the reason we love and become addicted to SL. We create our ideas, our idealized representations of our imagination and dreams.  He adds, that "I'm waiting for mainstream media to realize that Relay for Life in Second Life is the greatest human interest story. If you are looking for that warm and fuzzy kicker at the end of an hour of bad news...come on..." I totally agree the mainstream media needs to take a look at what SL can really be about; people from all over the world collaborating, creating, and organizing together for a good cause. (and having fun !)

I can't wait to explore these sims. Perhaps this is what SL needs, absolutely the best representation of the virtual world we love, we created. I am awed by the artistry that awaits.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm just the same as I was. Now don't you understand? That I'm EVER changing who I am :)

LOL, some word play.        ..... hair playing, now.

We have a core sense of self... our values, beliefs and how we intend to interact with others that should be our foundation, it is our compass which steers our lives.  But there is a part of our "selves" that should evolve... like the spirit of karma, forever becoming; until we reach that bliss.

Imagine Dragons "It's Time" from The Occidental Saloon on Vimeo.

In an effort to find hair bliss, I have been experimenting. Here's another modded mesh hair with flexi pieces. This one from Exile :)) with added orchids as a barrette.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm Not Here

Spring in my mountain meadow, time to enjoy the flowers, birds, and other sounds of nature. Yesterday, I did some old-fashioned sim hopping. While looking for a place to listen to music, I stumbled upon Ionic; not only do they have cool Indy music to shop by, they have cool Indy merchandise;) I just had to pick up this mesh T-Shirt from one of my favorite bands, Radiohead.

I must caution you when you look at the credits to other things I am wearing, because I mod whatever I can. I am a fan of mesh hair because it stays, and doesn't jab your body like a knife when dancing or moving around, but it lacks movement itself. Some designer have flexi pieces that you can add on. This hair is from Truth, with flexi  pieces from other Truth hair that I modded in from a copy version. And look! it flounces around while I'm in my swing.

mesh indy t-shirt - Ionic-  Radiohead
mesh jeans - Cake - skinny jeans faded cuffed
hair: Truth - Brianna with roots (additional modded flexi pieces from other Truth hair)
skin: Curio - Gala Skins - Sundust dark, Summer Lake frex (still absolutely my favorite skin) additional freckles and eyebrow shape from Glam Affair - Amberly, lip gloss from Pink Acid - Diva - beige.
belt - CoCo - Wrap Skinny Belt - retextured to grey leather and steel studs
shoes: Maitreya Gold - Shiki - in nude with lots of platform textures to choose
eye lashes - old group gift from Maitreya
swing - Janine Swing from  Cheeky Pea which has a texture change throw

Mountain Meadow at Leo's Lair - Hedonistic Tendencies