Sunday, October 11, 2015

Burn2 2015 Carnival of Mirrors

Careful to not reveal too much... the Burn2 happens next weekend. Here is my build, The Illusion House - Maya.

From my notecard:

Please take a moment and check my reference to see why my build represents my ideas and perceptions on this year's theme, "Carnival of Mirrors".

Listen to: The Mandela: while you look around.

May you enjoy Burn2 and live the 10 Principles each day:)

( )

Pixels or atoms what is real and what is an illusion? My build attempts to depict this eon-old human struggle of desire and happiness. Those of you familiar with Eastern Philosophy, and particularly Buddhism, I hope you enjoy my interpretations. Those of you new to this philosophy, please take some time to contemplate what I have placed here and reach out to learn more.

The use of the mirror in my build is used to symbolize the ego (or whatever you want to call that aspect of the self). Images of the ego's "desires"; love, family, intellect, food, travel, sex, wealth, and yes, Burning Man represent my desires. Images both from RL and SL are intentional and represent how these two worlds come together in one's mind.  The blank mirror - Your Desire?

Although many Buddhist ideas and symbols are embedded in my build, they are universal to most all philosophical belief systems; that true happiness, enlightenment, or heaven, are not built on Earthly desires.

"Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are; it solely relies on what you think." - Buddha.

One of my gifts this year.

The view of The Man from my front porch:) The temple is to the left:)

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