Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sail Away... Take Me Away On Lofting Sheets

Sheets... as in sails...  Ever wonder where the term, "Three sheets to the wind" ever came from... another time...

I have been testing out sailboats. Something I tried years ago in SL, but have been giving it another serious look recently.

This demo sailboat from MLCC Oceanic, from the Market Place, is capturing my attention. I wish they had a inworld store. But I could rez the demo in front of my dock. (edited to fit:)) I probably should join a sailing group and learn the ropes.

It looks great in front of my home:)))

credits on what I'm wearing:
flip flops : at Island Style by Nickki Romano Designs (10L for limited time on the fat pack)
white leather mini and mesh tank: Sakide - 60L weekend deal
bra: Sexy Things (freebie)
hair:Exile - Beyond the Waves, modded with flexies added
skin: Curio - Summer Lake

Listening to:

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