Friday, August 9, 2013

Apology to Judas

I must apologize to Judas for some of the comments about the recently renovated club, Alt7, I made in my post about Flat Rodvic Linden.

"the decor is trying to have an over haul. I hope that things get more on track. Currently it is a mish-mash of several people's furniture and textures that blur, the lighting all wrong, BUT the music and friendly banter are still there. It is being worked on, so if you visit, we are all holding out hope for some refinement."

Judas runs a BETA viewer and has an advanced graphics computer and sees things differently than most of us. I spoke with him this morning and he was upset at my criticism. We looked at different light settings and shared pictures of what we saw.

What I see with the mid-day settings and lights on the plot

What Judas sees with the mid-day settings and lights on the plot.

What Judas sees with midnight setting.

What I see with midnight setting.

What I see with my preferred windlight setting. (too bright, still)

What Judas sees in his BETA viewer (pic from when he was building).

So perspective is more than what it is one's head, it also changes with the viewer one uses, preferences selected, and the graphics on the computer. Judas has used his own money to upload textures and his vacation time to work on the new Alt7. I paid him for his Lindens spent in some sort of sympathetic gesture. If you see Judas in SL please offer some kind words for his efforts, he was pissed!

Judas also commented on my use of font in my blog, so I'm giving a more traditional font a try. 


  1. What amazing differences in who sees what! What viewers were each of you using. I'm pretty married to the latest FS viewer.

  2. I have the new materials Firestorm. Judas did not say what viewer he had, but it was beta and he runs graphics on ultra.

  3. Wow the difference is night and day! I am guessing it has a lot to do with graphic cards too??? I am about to update mine... would love to know what system and viewer you are both using. :)