Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Mountain Meadow in Summer

In keeping with what I said last week about blogging more and saving more SL images, I am trying for a couple posts today of pics I have taken the past week. First, I have put in more flowers and grasses in the mountain meadow on my sim. I am quite happy with the result. Everything was in my inventory with the exception of a small grouping of flowers and buzzing bees and insects from Two Moon Gardens. I was so impressed with the display from them at SL11B, that I had to visit.  (repeated here 4x)

(Summer Weeds from Two Moon Gardens)
The other grasses, trees and flowers are from many, many creators. When mesh came out awhile ago I replaced most all of my prim plants to get more stuff into my Homestead Sim.

This picture is my RL herb garden at dusk.

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