Wednesday, July 2, 2014

LOTD - New Stuff From LouLou&Co at Rhapsody and Baby Monkey

I went to the event fashion mall, Rhapsody and found this cute sun dress, from LouLou&Co. Rhapsody is set up in small areas themed to a music genre.  It is a well set up event and lag is low.

 What I like best about the dress, Veruschka, is that it has a HUD with 15 fabric choices and 15 belt choices. I only had to adjust my avatar a little to have no gaps on the bodice.

Here are a few of my favorite textures in the selection:

The other new find are these cute wood heeled sandals, Lorna, from Baby Monkey. They also have a color change HUD with tons of choices. When they came out last week, they were 1/2 price to members. I'm not sure if they are still discounted.

They are for only Slink Feet, which I finally bought. I am rather ambivalent about one maker of avatar attachments being the only one that designers are making an item to fit. I finally acquiesced after Jessica Lyon's talk at the SL11B event, in reference to Linden Lab working on a different viewer. We need to continue to buy, make things and participate in SL as a community. It will be years before the new viewer, and SL may go on long after that. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy my new mesh items. I'm sure a year from now, these will be in a box in my inventory. But they will be here on my blog hopefully forever:)