Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Morning Shopping for COLOR

Hey! It's My Rez Day :)    So I went shopping, of course.

I love fractals! I have them all over my house. Today I found this silk blousy tunic is a wonderfully colorful fractal print. I was pointed in the direction by the 60L Weekends Deal list. It's from Spyrall Fractal Art -Wearables. It has cute side ties, and a good fit, but I had to adjust my shape some.

Also, a colorful find were these hot open toe pumps with color change hud for all the parts :)) They were still available this morning from Fifty Five Fridays deals at Liv-Glam. I love the options, although I had some difficulty with the color matching and making them fit and blend into my skin. 

  I want clothes to wear and go dancing, exploring,   .and sitting around with friends in SL, so just photoshopping away these imperfections is not an option for me. 

Love, love, love, color.

 I miss the "Tribute Bands" that once abounded in SL. Here's U2 in SL,  It's a Beautiful Day.

other credits: Hair - Truth and  Skin - Curio

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