Saturday, May 25, 2013

So Easy Being Green, It's Officially Summer

This weekend, gives us in the US, the officially start of summer. I'm doing my happy dance because I will be away from work (mostly) for 2 months! Only a couple more weeks until then :))

I am loving my greens. In RL my garden is awesome, I've been working on the landscape for a few years, and it's at its peak right now.

My greens in SL? Check out my eyes :) latest freebie from Poetic Colors called Rain Tree.

I'm also trying out this new Atena skin from "YS and YS"  at TDR. I LOVE some elements:))))  Also some newness is my "Sydney" skirt, from elymode. The Irenne sandals were a recent freebie from Energie for Cynful's  birthday. My hair is "Ashbury" from Analog Dog. (I wish SL and/or designers make some easy way to search one's inventory). This is the last LM I have for AD. I LOVE the mesh and flexi mix, please make more straight hair designs ::)

 I'm wearing additional freckles, eyeliner, and eyebrows from long ago.Tank is an oldie but goodie from Boom. The bikini another old fav from Shiki, Blue Plumeria. My necklace was an old gift from EmCee Widget at a Burning Man 2 event. Enjoy your inventory:)))))))))

The latest is not always the greatest, and one's personal, creative touch is what makes SL the great community it is, and always has been.

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