Sunday, October 13, 2013

)'( The Man Stood This Week )'(

It was a very busy week on the Playa. There were many changes and new things each day.

 Pygar Bu and his team have done an amazing job on The Man this year. It's such an intricate build and there are plenty of pathways to wander through.

Here's the state of my art build at the beginning of the week. I worked on setting more of the theme out, and giving the space a sense of enclosure and intimacy.  I really wish I was listed as one of the art builds on the burn2 blog page. There's tons of stuff to manage, and the volunteers are doing an amazing job of organizing and running things, I understand errors can be made. I'll send some emails later about the oversight...

Props that depict radical self-reliance were added to my build this week. Solar energy, recycled and filtered shower water, huge jugs of water, and a campfire with never ending coffee were some of the newly built features. RickerR wrote an original poem about John Frum which is in the book on the crate.

Another build I especially like is the live music stage. I can't wait to hear some of my favorite acoustic musicians.  

I also got last weekend my smaller plot. The one I bought with the original sales months ago. The idea is a cornfield where this seemingly prehistoric monolithe circle appears. Archeologists are sent in, and one can search for meaning and a prize. It's more likely you will find the latter.

I hope I did not reveal too much before the official  Press Day of October 17, just enough hopefully to keep up the excitement, :)))

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