Monday, July 29, 2013

LOVE THIS MEME, from Strawberry... "Flat Rodvic Linden"

This meme is from Strawberry Singh, and I have been giggling since I first read the challenge. I loved the Flat Stanley Projects, in fact had students take part in creating them several years ago. And what a way to send a message to Rod! I can't wait to see some of the responses. This will be

First I took Rod to my usual favorite club in SL, Alt7. I've been going here for over 6 years. The club is undergoing some transformations; some of the long standing DJs are taking sabbaticals and the decor is trying to have an over haul. I hope that things get more on track. Currently it is a mish-mash of several people's furniture and textures that blur, the lighting all wrong, BUT the music and friendly banter are still there. It is being worked on, so if you visit, we are all holding out hope for some refinement.

The next place I wanted to take Rod was my home,  a Homestead Sim I have had for over 4 years. As a homestead I am at the mercy of the owner of the full sim to which this is a part. I am now under a second owner of the group of sims. I love my home and although many people think I am silly for this expensive hobby (95 US dollars a month), for the amount of time I spend making things and learning it is far cheaper than playing golf, collecting some things, etc. I have no commercial aspirations in SL. So my message to Rodvic would be to allow individual ownership of Homesteads and not have to have them attached to a full sim or their owner.

So.. I could stand "Flat Rod" somewhere, let him get to know and like my place... let's see here..

He matches my sinks, although I don't think I want him here.

Taking some mirror shots... why won't they smile?


  1. hahaah thanks for showing him around!

  2. Totally cracking up that he matches your sinks :D