Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday Shadow Play

I've done a lot of nothing today. It's Spring Break, but my only beach excursion is in my SL sim. I broke out the old surfboard... but the ridable waves are missing in my inventory :(  and there is very little wind.

I've given up messing with the Lolas... I'll wait until Curio makes some applies or something easier comes along. Anyhow....I've also stopped messing with the mesh clothes that aren't perfect and require massive body changes. Then.. dance or pose a little unusual, and the flaws all show:(   Too much fiddling with clothing and attachments! Things are suppose to get easier not harder in SL... LOL.

But I bought some new hair today from Analog Dog, called Ashbury. There's a mesh main part and a flexi attachment which makes for very nice movement. LUV it just like my RL hair when it's ironed and brushed. It's what caused my visit to the beach.

Then I decided to mess around with Windlight and shadows. Turned up the heat.... can feel that blinding sun :))

hair: Analog Dog
Bikini is from Paper Doll at WCF (Lola appliers included but not worn, here)
Skin: Curio Sundust Frex Summer Lake

Yeah! Curio, not the latest, but my favorite. Eyelashes from Maitreya and eyebrows from ROD Studio.

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