Wednesday, April 11, 2012

my definition of virtual self-identity

Well here I am.

What does this avatar mean to the world and mean to me? Am I "Echo" or am I "Narcissus"? 

I am neither.

My self as depicted here in the world I love (SL), is a slurry of my physical being at its best and my freed inner self. I am a painting of myself. I am the things that I think are the best of me. I am a resume of my "self"

 I am not "other" than myself, but whom I am on my best hair days and the days I am most glib with words. I am comfortable and love how my avatar mirrors my inner self. My values, beliefs, and other things of importance to me are always a part of the self I hope to project to others.

my 2 cents


aka Leo

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