Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Learning Building in Second Life

This picture, shows how SL can stretch one's imagination, even if you are not into science fiction and some of the elaborate role playing that can be found here. Because I can fly, I have a rooftop patio, for shooting fireworks or watching sunrises and sunsets. I also have a retractable roof over my bed for star gazing, or literally flying out of bed.

I have spent a large portion of this past year learning building (3-D modeling) and I am starting to dabble in scripting (giving these objects movement, sound, change, etc.). I was never a math person so understanding some of the geometry and how objects are described has been a learning experience. The classes in SL have helped enormously. I still don't understand how a torus in 8 twists can become a gem shape, but I have created many pieces of SL jewelry. I also do not fully understand Sculpty shapes, but I am able to use the free set of prims that are available. I have also played a little this summer with PhotoShop.

In the pictures, below, are some shots of my home in my mind's eye of SL. The batik on wall of the living room, was made from a photo of the one I have in RL. The coffee table is a replica of my RL one, which I designed and a friend constructed. I made just about everything in the house. The fish tanks are 7Seas. My pet tiger, Mala, is AI, and made by Zooby's. The Alienware laptops, are made by Rujeys Clary from Brussels, and actually connect to the internet.

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