Monday, April 11, 2016

Saved Outfits: January, February, and March 2016

Once again this is a personal method for me to catalog my outfits folders. No tags are on this post.  Most of my finds are freebies or weekend bargains. Thank-you designers! If anyone wants further credits on pics please message me in comments and I'll respond that way. System body and face, Slink hands and feet, Curio skin, make-up varies.

1-2-16 pink roses leather jacket, yoga pants w/HUD

1-3-16 mauve sweater, skirt, boots w/HUD

1-10-16 turtleneck w/HUD

1-16-16 Cowl neck sweater w/HUD, cut out pants, boots w/HUD

2-8-16 Argyle sweater dress 2 years old

2-8-16 Grey wrap dress w/HUD, boots w/HUD

2-10-16 OBR outfit

3-8-16 white sequin gown

3-9-16 Hippy skirt and tank w/HUD

3-10-16 Pink blouse, tank, yoga pants

3-12-16 sundress w/HUD rose heels

3-12-16 sundress w/HUD, flats, new hair

3-13-16 tied blouse, yoga pants

3-20-16 halter top w/HUD belted zipper jeans

3-20-16 funky yoga pants tank w/HUD, new hair, flip flops

3-26-16 halter top w/HUD jeans, flipflops

3-26-16 strapless pencil dress w/HUD

3-29-16 dress w/HUD, knee high strappy heels

3-29-16 pink sundress, flip flops

3-29-16 print gown from egg hunt